What is website SEO? What are the benefits of doing SEO?

What is website SEO? What are the benefits of doing SEO?

A business website owner wants his or her published contents to reach as many people as possible. The word itself says it all. Publishing content means to make the information go public, and popularize. SEO service techniques are extremely important for those who publish content on the web. The term SEO is the abbreviation for the expression Search Engine Optimization. Organic traffic is compromised if you neglect it. So let us understand what SEO is and why it is important to your website or blog.

Every day, 2 million texts are published on the internet. Being among the first is not an easy task. Relevant content is mandatory. Worry about text quality, including spelling and ability to communicate.

More visibility

SEO consists of techniques that act on your page in order to make it more attractive for search engine indexing algorithms. Working these strategies on your site allows it to be found more easily by the algorithms and is considered more relevant among other sites in a search. An SEO applied to a page increases the chance of the page being filtered by the algorithms and, consequently, it positions it better in organic search. In other words, it increases the chance of the site being one of the first results and thus your site gains more and more visibility compared to others on the same topic.

Increases the amount of hits on your website

The moment your website manages to position itself among the top results of a search, it automatically increases the number of hits. As users, we know that if the research we do does not require digging, we almost never go any further and try multiple pages. We usually stay in the first results. Thus, when a website uses SEO and, as a result, positions itself well in search engines, it will automatically increase the amount of users who access your site. 

More reliability for the website

The algorithms of Google have a multitude of rules to provide us with the best results within the vastness of the internet. Thus, from the moment that it chooses your site, it practically gives a guarantee of quality for it. Being among the top search results gives your site immense reliability. People will feel more secure in accessing, consuming and disseminating your content. After all, there was already a huge filter by the search engines themselves. Above all, it makes it even easier for a user to refer your site to someone else.

Ranking factors of website from Google

Even if you have never worked with SEO, you have probably heard of Google’s algorithm or social networks like Facebook and Instagram. These algorithms are responsible for filtering what is most relevant to you and not simply throwing all the content available on the page, without any ranking criteria. 

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to define the order of pages presented to the user for each search performed. It is highly recommended to hire a professional SEO agency that knows most of the ranking factors.

Mobile-first Index

Announced at the end of 2016, this new way of indexing Google has been done gradually since 2017. In practice, what changes is that Google’s indexing has always been based on how websites were viewed on the desktop. With the change, the search engine uses the mobile version of the site as a base. This can greatly harm the organic positioning of sites that do not have the site adapted for mobile devices. 

However, sites that only have a desktop version will continue to be indexed and, if they have quality content, they may not be harmed. SEO strategies are intended to improve the position of the website in the ranking of the results pages for relevant keywords that attract the attention of potential customers.

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