Make the parties fun by teaching all to play the gin rummy game.

Make the parties fun by teaching all to play the gin rummy game.

Earlier, rummy used to be a major source of entertainment among the people – whether it was friends, family or colleagues. But now there is much less time for people to have proper gatherings. Times have changed a lot. Technology too has undergone amazing advancements. The increasing work pressure on the employees has become a burden and messes up their time schedules. Even parties have no effect in reducing that stress. But attending them sometimes becomes mandatory out of the pressure of socializing. To make these parties interesting enough, you can teach everyone how to play gin rummy and see the entertainment factor of the party reaching a new height.

How to play the gin rummy game and make boring parties interesting


To play rummy games, everyone needs to know the rules very well. But this is a different type of rummy. So you need to teach the game to them at first in order to let them get to know about the game. The gin rummy game is easy to play and quite fast to get it over with. So you can have a series of gin rummy games. But it is a 2-player game. S everyone gets to have a chance back to back without any gaps while the others get to learn more rules about the game.

  • Memorize the rules of gin rummy:

The gin rummy game can be played by two people. It is usually played with 10 cards each while the other 32 cards are kept as the remaining deck. The two players can pick up cards from this deck and discard as per their individual requirements.

  • Acquaint them with the respective points of the cards of gin rummy:

The rules of gin rummy are a bit different than the 13 card rummy online games. Here, only the face cards are the highest-scoring cards; that is the Jack, Queen, and King cards while the Ace cards are the lowest with 1 point. Every other card has a point value that is the same as their face values.

  • Sets and runs of gin rummy:

While in the 13 card rummy games, the players usually had to make both sets and sequences, in gin rummy, it is different. In gin rummy, sequences are called runs. At the end of the game, the players must have all sets, all runs, or a mixture of sets and runs.

  • No joker cards available in gin rummy:

Try to lose the deadwood cards, which are the ones that do not fit into any of the sets or the runs. Otherwise, these deadwood cards will add to the deadwood count and make you lose that amount of points, or even money if you are playing the cash games.



If you teach your guests gin rummy instead of telling them to play rummy game, you might add a new spark to your parties. Since, learning the rules, getting acquainted with the pointing system as well as sets and runs can increase your chances of winning.  Thus, explore gin rummy and have fun.

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