How Online Courier Services Are Benefitting The Consumers

How Online Courier Services Are Benefitting The Consumers

Everything is transitioning from offline to online. Most of the businesses have shifted their base from offline to online right from the food industry to the education industry. With easy access to the internet, smartphones there is also a shift in the buying behavior of the consumers. Today, everything can be done online from ordering food to shopping, booking tickets, sending parcels, etc. Let’s look at the impact of digitalization and advancement in technology on logistics services. Gone are the days when you used to travel to the courier service providers to send parcels. Today with just a single tap on the phone, you can schedule pickup and delivery with the online courier service. All you need to do is download the app, add the pickup and the delivery location with other necessary details. The whole delivery process has become so easier and convenient.

Here are a few benefits of how online courier services are benefiting the consumers.

No Need for travel – Traditionally you had to travel and visit the courier service providers to send a parcel. Today it can be done online with the help of a delivery app. The delivery executive will collect the parcels from your doorsteps and deliver them respectively. Hence, you do not have to stand in long queues, wait for hours to deliver a package.

International Services – International deliveries have always been so expensive and time-consuming. However, due to the facilities like express delivery, the number of days for delivery have reduced. In fact, today most logistics companies arrange everything for you right from packing to logistics to doorstep delivery in whichever country you want.

Affordable – Earlier logistics was a monopoly market. There were hardly 2-3 small companies who provided these services, hence they would charge whatever they would like, and the consumers had to pay. However that has changed now, many new players have come up in the market. Hence logistics has not only transitioned from offline to online but has also become cheaper and has far more advanced options available. For eg. Porter lets you select the type of vehicles that you need to transport goods from one place to another. Also with options like same day delivery, you can instantly transfer your goods or can get your parcels delivered the same day itself.

Risk and Security – As mentioned earlier due to the monopoly in this business, the traders were often carefree regarding the protection of the goods. However, the new online system has changed this completely. Now the companies take full responsibility for the delivery and have options such as GPS tracking where customers can track the shipment and have insurance services as well. With real-time tracking, the chances of damage are much less plus the shipment reaches much faster.

Real-Time Tracking – A lot of logistic companies have come up with their delivery apps where customers can easily schedule the delivery and can track the shipment.

Benefit To Small Business Enterprises – Small startups and businesses are the most benefited from these services. Speed and reliability are the two most lucrative factors for them to outsource their deliveries. With the option of doorstep delivery, express delivery, small business retailers are trying to expand their services to the entire country.

Because of the various advantages today a lot of companies and big players are entering the market with a new vertical of delivery services in their businesses to retain their customers.

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