Costs Behind Corporate Video Production

Costs Behind Corporate Video Production

With video marketing overtaking other forms of media, corporations in every corner of the world are scrambling to get in and reap the benefits of it. Despite its effectiveness, we can’t deny how expensive it looks and sounds. The fact they will do a full production for a couple of minutes of the product will definitely cost a lot. If you’re interested in finding out how much a corporate video production in Melbourne would cost you, stick with us as we uncover everything that influences the price point.


A corporate video production project will never have a flat cost, but one can determine their budget easily when considering some things. First, you need to know your overall marketing budget, and through that, you can come up with your video production budget.

Most projects these days can even go as far as 50,000 USD, but there are some small-time ones that can be done with just 1,000 USD. Regardless, there’s really no official budget consensus since there are a ton of factors that drive the overall cost as well, and we will discuss them further.

Video Type

The overall video type or what you are trying to achieve will greatly impact the overall cost of the project. There are different types of videos that a corporate video company can produce. They can make promotional videos, highlight reels, or even music videos. Each of them has its own workload and with varying degrees, so expect your overall costs to skyrocket if you want something demanding.

If you don’t have any clue on what corporate video production in Melbourne your company needs, make sure that you consult the internet and read other people’s thoughts on how they came up with a video production idea.

Video Length and Shooting Location

For obvious reasons, a 30-second highlight reel wouldn’t cost you that much compared to 2-minute comprehensive marketing material. The amount of editing needed and footage that is required will be the two primary reasons why the cost can easily go up.

Corporate video production in Melbourne could also take place in different locations. It can be shoot in a production studio or what they normally call a professional setting. You may also suggest shooting the whole thing outside if you want a certain vibe to go on.

That said, before you can properly budget your video marketing funds, you need to have a concrete idea and plan on how to approach this medium and how the end product will be. For a better and much more accurate estimate, take advantage of free quotes from video production companies.

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