Basic Photography: Let’s Start With The Main Concepts You Should Master

Although creating a photo may seem simple, it is necessary to master many other aspects in reality, it will help if you visit to learn more.  All these elements will have more or less weight in your daily photographic work, but you must know them all; for that reason, we will detail them below.

Shooting Modes

The shooting modes refer to the settings that we will put on the camera to take the photo. The cameras have different shooting modes that we can use for specific actions. There are several unique shooting modes for each camera for different situations, but the basic ones will always be the following.

Automatic Mode

In auto shooting mode, the camera adjusts the photo capture specifications by itself. This is done based on the data provided by the exposure meter when measuring the illumination of the object or scene that we want to photograph. Thus, the camera will determine the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture values.

Semi-Automatic Mode

The semi-automatic mode allows us to manually manage the shutter speed while the camera decides the diaphragm’s aperture. This allows us a specific range of customization of the capture, but it is still limited to the camera’s exposure meter.

Manual Mode

Manual shooting mode allows the photographer to have complete control over the photo capture specifications. Here you can configure the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture at your convenience and according to your interests in photography.

Shutter Speed

We can define the shutter speed as the amount of time the shutter allows light passage towards the camera sensor. The higher the speed, the less light can pass through the lens to the sensor.

Diaphragm Aperture

The diaphragm’s aperture refers to the size of the opening through which the light will pass towards the sensor. The smaller the aperture value (f ), the greater the space through which the light will pass. The value of the aperture of the diaphragm not only influences the light it also influences the focus. We will see this later.

ISO Sensitivity And Focal Noise

ISO sensitivity refers to the amount of light that the camera’s sensor or film can receive. The higher the ISO, the lighter the sensor can receive. However, when we use very high ISO values, some cameras tend to produce “focal noise,” which is a distortion in the definition of the image that we should always try to avoid.

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