Worldwide Industrial Development Is Resulting in World Unification

Worldwide Industrial Development Is Resulting in World Unification

Major Countries Have a Mission: To become key piece inside a “spinal-cord” of world management.

Their Method: Worldwide alliances will end up more and more dedicated to specific lengthy term goals of commercial production and distribution and fewer on military or ideological needs as was the situation within the twentieth century.

The essence of twenty-first century levels of competition are competition in efficient product output and jockeying for position is the primary link inside a global condition directed heavy industry chain. Countries with greatest ability to mass produce and distribute complex infrastructure related things is going to be most in a position to provide structure for planetary unification/governance and get popular authenticity for this. Individuals in relevant capitals around the globe goes to great lengths to obtain their states be as indispensable in this particular spinal-cord as you possibly can. This requires creating links between so known as “national champions” and national industrial sectors generally (and therefore political units themselves as public sectors more and more get involved with the lengthy term planning and funding).

For instance, elites in Mexico City may understand that the quickly growing Mexican industrial sector might not take leadership within the northern hemisphere alone. But when they integrate it sufficiently with Canadian and American sectors then remarkable ability to create influential decisions far in the spine chord will get dramatically elevated. Their mental ego drive to obtain better seats at collective making decisions table will thus drive the countries they manage towards merger.

One might reason that this is not different in the procedure that has happened during the last 400 years as various cartels pressed their governments into cooperation/merger, into worldwide or supranational alliances, and from time to time into warfare with one another over surplus production. One may also reason that the publish-hegemonic fragmentation right into a multipolar world is another apparently cyclical typical occurrence. However, the present procedure for financial and industrial cartels influencing supranational mergers will occur within an atmosphere that is different from an earlier multi polar duration of the first twentieth century. That’s since:

1) Dogmatic economic and political ideology generally continues to be discredited (with decline from the latter major ideological forces: USSR and US)

2) Nationalism continues to be discredited in the older forms by technological globalization by major migratory flows of humans

3) There’s inclination towards continental political blocks that develop and enhance the EU model

4) Warfare between cartels (and therefore the governments they control) is avoided by the presence of nuclear weapons

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