Is It Worth It To Add Travel Insurance?

Is It Worth It To Add Travel Insurance?

Are you thinking of leaving but don’t know why you should take out travel insurance?

When we travel, accidents or unforeseen events can be challenging to resolve if we do not have the appropriate resources.

The main reason people take advantage of attractive travel insurance promotion Singapore before packing is straightforward: they seek peace of mind and the absence of worries and thoughts. They are leaving without having to fear any hitch. Of course, when a problem occurs, the holiday is almost not the same anymore. Still, in these moments, the serenity of having someone at your side (even if at a distance) takes over and helps us resolve the situation, which is there for Travel Insurance. 

Why Travel insurance is Popular?

The hope is that you will never have to need it, of course, but when something happens, thank you for being so thrifty, far-sighted. And you are happy to have saved a lot, but a lot of money, which you did not budget when you organised the trip, in Italy or abroad.

● Because travel insurance is like this: it makes you feel protected even (and above all) tens of thousands of kilometers from home, when unforeseen events can happen and become more complicated to manage and solve.

● The thing that usually worries me the most during a trip is the possible medical expenses, which can become very substantial in some countries. Having health insurance while traveling abroad can make a difference and, in some cases, save lives.

● It is something we must never (really never) save, and we say this because we know how; unfortunately, the problem is not considered.

● Take advantage of hospital income insurance Singapore at the right time. You can find advantageous offers which, unlike other costs related to a trip, represent almost an obligation so as not to find yourself uncovered in the event of unforeseen events. The unexpected events that can happen to a traveler are numerous: flight cancellation, loss or theft of baggage, coverage of medical expenses, and repatriation.

The services range from telephone medical advice to sending urgent medicines that are not available, from hospitalisation in a health facility in the event of an accident or sudden illness in the most extreme cases and where it cannot be treated on the spot, to the organisation of a medical return to the home with the most suitable means and with the possible accompaniment of medical staff.

Importance of the Travel Insurance 

Insurance coverage is essential when away from home for a few days, but it becomes necessary if the trip lasts a few weeks or even a few months. For this reason, the best travel insurance plan in Singapore is the most innovative option to avoid having to face one’s resources. These costs may become unsustainable in some countries of the world. The annual policy is also recommended for those who travel frequently; in this case, it would be rather inconvenient to activate a policy every time you take a plane, even if for short periods. It is advisable to have a policy covering the period, including the different shopping trips in 12 months. In addition, annual insurance costs less than three single quarterly travel insurance.

 Assistance 24h / 365 days

That’s right, in case of emergency, after contacting the 24-hour assistance platform (always in Italian), you will be shown the affiliated medical centres where you will not have to pay anything in advance because the insurance company will take care of it directly in agreement with the medical Center. 

 In these cases, travel cancellation coverage allows you to recover the number of your travel bookings if you are ultimately unable to travel for one of the reasons covered by the policy. 

● Reasons related to work.

● Legal grounds.

● Extraordinary causes.

Conclusion:  Other reasons include the theft of documents or luggage and the failure to grant visas for unjustified reasons. Without the protection of travel insurance, you would have to face the costs of this transfer, which is always preferable to avoid. 

However, it must be borne in mind that these are “co-payment” systems and do not offer coverage for damage to baggage, delays in transport, or repatriation.

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