Factors That Influences the Length of a Pearl Bracelet and Strand

Factors That Influences the Length of a Pearl Bracelet and Strand
Each single pearl strand is an outstanding piece of work from the secret of the sea. Manufacture of these lovely strands is the result of incredible skill, craftsmanship and judgment. Most of the people have questions related to length of the pearl bracelet or strand. This post addresses to this concern and gives you a good idea of the factors that impact the measurement of pearl bracelet length. Why no two pearl strands are equal in length? The pearl bracelet measures precisely 7.5 inches in length while the pearl strand or necklace measures accurately 16 inches in length. It should be noted that it is not necessary for two strands of a pearl to measure same in length. This is because the type of pearls used in making two pearl strands can be different. How does a longer pearl influence the size of a pearl strand? A pearl strand made up of larger pearls can have more length than what is expected it to have. So, if you expect a strand to be of 18.0 inches, it can turn out to be a little more i.e., 18.1 inches in length. This is because of the extra space taken by the large sized pearls. How knots in a pearl necklace can influence its length? Another thing that can increase the length of a pearl strand is the presence of knots in it. A knot in between each pearl ultimately adds to the length to a pearl strand. So, on opening these knots there is a possibility that a 16-inch knotted chain can become 18 inches of unknotted pearl strand. Does length of pearl strand remain same throughout the period? One more thing that has an impact on the length of a pearl strand is the thread used to make a pearl necklace. In case of a silk thread, you can expect an increase in the size of the strand as silk has a tendency to loosen a bit with passing time. Conclusion So, the length of the pearl strand depends on various factors that include size, and shape of pearls, the fabric of strand, and the presence of knots in it.
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