Challenging Your Property’s Band to Reclaim Paid Council Tax

Challenging Your Property’s Band to Reclaim Paid Council Tax

Council tax refers to a system employed on all domestic households in the United Kingdom, Wales, and Scotland. The local authority collects the council and distributes it to the welfare of local communities. They may include garbage, libraries, and police stations. Whether it is a bungalow, flat, house, or houseboats, the local council will levy on all, no matter if you own or rent it.

According to the Local Government of Finance Act, there are eight council tax bands coded by A to H letters. The banding worked in such a way that the properties with band H pay tax triple the amount due on the constructions with band A. There were some specifications considering ways of how to avoid paying council tax on an empty property.

The banding of the properties resulted in several complaints from the property owners saying that they were under the wrong property band and had to pay an excessive tax amount. The UK government then proposed a plan of reassessment of the tax band of each property in England. The proposal never turned into a reality. As a result, many houses still fall under faulty council tax band and have been paying excess amount for last twenty years.

 However, you can check your council tax band and challenge the banding and win back the excessive payment made since 1993.  You can make an appeal to reclaim your tax to the Local Listing Office in the country. You can forward your appeal to the Valuation Office Agency. Appealing for council tax re-banding requires you to consider many factors. You need to visit VOA official website to find out the relevant information and compare the council tax band with other properties in your area.

You can also check your property’s banding with the properties in your neighborhood by comparing its size and age. It will give you a clear idea of your base of challenging your property’s band. Make sure to consider any alteration and extensions you might have made to your property, making it of a higher valuation. 

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