7 Tips for Improving the Design and Layout of Your Workplace

As your business grows, you’ll need to take on new members of staff to help you reach more clients and drive sales. You might be tempted to simply add another office chair and a PC in the corner of the room, but now could be the time to invest in workplace design and make some changes that will benefit your entire team. Below, Precision FM, a UK company that specialises in facilities management services, offers some tips on improving your design… 

Get your staff involved

Your workers are going to spend more time on the office floor than you, so speak to them directly about the things the current design is lacking. It might be that there’s nowhere for your teams to collaborate or the open-plan design is too noisy. Make notes and prioritise their requirements in order of importance – you might just learn a thing or two from them!

Make sure there’s natural light

Don’t lock your staff away in a dungeon! Natural light is not only important for boosting your mood and increasing vitamin D levels, but it’s associated with a decrease in headaches and blurred vision, and it can make you more productive. Place staff strategically so everyone can benefit but beware of light pollution and ensure nobody is ‘blinded’ by the morning sun.

Don’t be scared of colour

It’s common for businesses to opt for neutral tones like greys and whites when redesigning their office, but you shouldn’t be scared of adding some pops of colour. Green is known to make employees feel optimistic and warm whilst blue is vibrant and calming. Make sure you avoid any colours that are too bright or in your face; subtle, pastel-inspired colours are best.

Make room for breakout spaces

Your staff shouldn’t be hunched over their desks for nine hours a day, so create breakout spaces where they can take a break from their screen and catch up with their fellow workers on upcoming projects. Collaborative spaces are so important but bear in mind that you’ll want both private and open ‘zones’ for both general and sensitive employee meetings.

Investments in ergonomics will pay off

Ergonomic furniture and workplace design might appear more expensive from the off, but the truth is that it’s a worthwhile investment. Your employees’ comfort and wellbeing should come ahead of penny-pinching. Quality furniture will pay for itself in increased productivity

Reflect your brand

Avoid faceless designs; your workplace is an extension of your brand, so feel free to go bold and have some fun with it. Think coffee bars, ping-pong tables, and a giant cinema room.

Bring the outdoors in

Finally, consider bringing some of the outdoors in with some houseplants, which not only break up an office and add some colour but boost productivity by as much as 15%. NASA has even reported that some houseplants can detoxify the air, which is great news if you work in a stuffy environment. Just remember to keep them well-watered and give them light.

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