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4 Things the Self-Employed Need to Know About FICA

Company employees who routinely receive regular paychecks understand that certain taxes are withheld from their paychecks with every payroll cycle. They may not understand what those taxes are for, but


Compare roles of independent contractor and home builder

Decision of new home building is a tough one. Before starting any construction in new Athens you should make a list to know what your options are and what you


Common mistakes people make while filing for Bankruptcy

Filling for bankruptcy is a complex procedure and making any mistake in application can lead to hefty fines and financial damages. So it is better to hire any top rated


Get out of prison by genuine guidance of bondsman

People who are accused of minor to major crimes usually apply for bail in the court of law. The judge charges the bail amount depending upon the crime for which


Generating Local Leads The Smart Way

There are many ways to generate local leads smartly, rather than manually. Any successful business knows it’s not enough to just have a great idea, you’ve also got to handcraft